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Summer Fun in Dahican 2018 Kicks Off

Summer Fun in Dahican 2018 Kicks Off

Hundreds of skimboarders and ultimate frisbee ‘discheads’ from all over the country gathered in Dahican beach for the Summer Fun in Dahican 2018 highlighting two major events, the Ultimate Frisbee Beach Tournament and 2nd Amihan National Skimboarding Competition on April 27 to 29, 2018.

According to Ms. Tessa Piansay, Executive Director of Visit Davao Summer Festival, 14 teams have registered for the Bonamine-sponsored Ultimate Frisbee Beach Tournament, that is almost 150 ultimate frisbee athletes, while more than 100 skimboarders from 16 towns nationwide are expected to compete at 2nd Amihan National Skimboarding Competition.

Mayor Carlo Luis P. Rabat warmly welcomed tourists and athletes “who want to savor nature at its best, featuring the beauty of our very own Dahican Strip as well as the fun and adventure it brings, from the City of Sand, Surf and Sports – City of Mati.”

On his message conveyed by Mati City Councilor Avelino Kobe Capiña in the Opening Ceremony at Menzi Beach Park and Campsite on April 27, Mayor Carlo dubbed Dahican as “consistenly on the wishlist of travelers, visitors and tourists alike… that cannot be underestimated.”

“This serves to validate the assertion that indeed Dahican has become a much sought-after premier destination of beach frolickers and nature lovers who want to experience a new but fun-filled excitement,” said Mayor Carlo on a message.

Mayor Carlo is proud and joyful of what Dahican can offer from indulging summer fun, various water sports and beach games such as Frisbee among others, swim, skimboard and surf with loved ones, meet new friends and acquaintances to “simply enjoy natures as Dahican is also known for its rich marine life and bio-diversity being the spawning area of dugongs, butandings, dolphins and sea turtles.”

“This Summerfun in Dahican 2018 is for everyone and we hope you will enjoy your stay and the activities the City Government had lined up for you,” Mayor Carlo said.

Piansay, on behalf of the VDSF Executive Committee extended her deepest gratitude for the active partnership with the City Government of Mati for the past 2 years, specifically its City Tourism Office, City Investments Office as well as to Batman Ultimate Frisbee Team and Amihan sa Dahican Fisherfolk Association.

She also shared that VDSF, specifically the Bonamine Ultimate Frisbee Beach Tournament and Amihan National Skimboarding Competition have become iconic events of VDSF not only because of its popularity moreso because of the playing venue and the destination itself.

“Having these events here in Dahican is what makes these events unique, and a great eperience for our players, visitors and tourists. Davao Region is truly fortunate to have Mati as one of its best tourist attractions today and in the recent years,” Piansay said.

Piansay is also excited to announce the 1st Pujada Bay Festival Dragonboat Competition this coming June.

“We look forward to more excitement, more reasons to visit Davao Region and more ways to visit and experience Davao Oriental,” she said. / By Van Jorain O. Rufin/CIO

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