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The Islands of Mati

The Islands of Mati
Your getaway in the City of Mati won’t be completed without checking out the islands that serve as the fortress of the Mati gulf. The islands namely Waniban Island, Pujada Island, and Oak Island ( aka. Vanishing Island) can be reached by a motorized boat offered in beach resorts of Mati.


Oak Island

Oak Island or Vanishing Island for some is among the three islands to be found within Pujada Bay in Mati. It is composed chiefly of a sand bar that can only be seen during low tide and vanishes during high tide. It is located few meters away from Pujada Island. Oak Island’s clear blue waters and captivating underwater haven of aquatic wildlife and corals make the island one of the finest snorkelling destinations in Davao Oriental/ WayPh.Com



Waniban Island

If you have always fancied a getaway to a secluded paradise island but just do not know where to find such a place, then the Waniban Island is what you are looking for. This small and simple island holds so much potential to help boost the tourism industry of Mati. Tourists who have had the opportunity to spend time in Waniban know the kind of wonders this place has to offer./


Pujada Island, sandwiched between the fishing villages of Taganilao and Macambol, is a thickly forested 156-hectare island with a freshwater lake in the middle. Its landscape shows innocence to mankind’s innovation. The island is privately owned by the Angliongto clan of Davao City./


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