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Tourism Sec Wanda Teo visits Mati for ‘Go South’ campaign

Tourism Sec Wanda Teo visits Mati for ‘Go South’ campaign
The Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo visited the City of Mati to trumpet the recently launched tourism campaign by the DOT called “Go South”. Teo met city Mayor Carlo Rabat and discussed about the city’s participation in the Go South campaign. 

Mayor Carlo presented to Sec. Teo the city’s tourist attractions and the city’s plans and existing program that would support the said campaign.

Tourism Regional Director Antonio Fernando M. Blanco arrived in the City of Mati to meet and greet City Mayor Carlo Rabat. The meeting had led to the visitation of the Mati Park and Baywalk and the Pujada Peninsula.

Mayor Carlo Rabat and Vice Mayor Glenda Rabat-Gayta welcome DOT Secretary Wanda T. Teo

The Go South Philippine Islands Campaign is a strategic marketing campaign of all regions in Mindanao to be able to have a stronger and unified voice for the whole island to be one tourism destination.

This is emanating from the Mindanao Communication Plan which was the program’s primary aim: to establish the Mindanao Land Connectivity, Mindanao Air connectivity and the Mindanao Mice Program,” said DOT Assistant Secretary Eden David.

She said about 38 percent of domestic tourists are 15 to 24 years old who are adventurous young people, fun-loving and hungry for new travel experiences.

The campaign is intensive on social media with its presence on social media sites.

“We are going to curate the community with its existing habit of producing high-quality social media photos that represent the best in Mindanao, from landscapes to expression of culture,” she said.

She said The Go South Philippine Islands will also be the banner campaign to be adopted by the Go Mindanao Bus.

“The grand launch will be in May 2018. For its maiden trip, 30 buses will be plying from Manila, which will bring foreign tourists, social media influencers, international and local media, national tour operators to Cagayan de Oro all the way to Davao,” David bared

To all travelers around the globe, go south, go to the beautiful city of Mati.


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