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WATCH: A surprise wedding proposal at Sleeping Dinosaur

WATCH: A surprise wedding proposal at Sleeping Dinosaur
Sleeping Dinosaur is one of the most visited spots in the City of Mati for amateur mountaineers and tourists who would like to have a perfect selfie at the peak with a breathtaking background. This time, a couple from North Cotabato has set foot at the peak that marked an unforgettable moment for both of them. Meet Michael Evan Ballares Remulta and to Unnie Rochelle Lloys Silvano Manansala.


As shown in the video, Unnie only expected to have their hands photographed as she was facing the sea of Pujada. It turned out that Michael placed a small red box instead of a cellphone camera which brought Unnie to a euphoria when she finally learned that it was an engagement ring. The two lovely couple have finally settled their 12-year relationship down to a higher level.

As of this writing, the video got almost 3 million views. Thank you Michael and Unnie for making the City of Mati as part of your journey. The City wishes you good luck and have a wonderful marriage!

Indeed, #IloveMati
Photo and Video: Mac Mac Ballares Remulta

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